When it comes to planting methods, a lot of ways have changed, and now, there is an innovation that has been discovered, which is called Hydroponics. This method has been used by several tree services, tree removal Charlotte NC, and other agricultural industries. Hydroponics involves a planting method that does not use soil anymore but rather uses a water base in order to grow the plants. One of the basic premises of this is to allow the roots to easily absorb the nutrients in the water and to utilize space.  


The following are the reasons why some people tend to fail at hydroponics: 

  • Lack of discipline – there are several things that need to be considered and instructions to be done. One of the reasons why this process does not take effect, is because some things are not followed well. 
  • Lack of knowledge – there are important things you do not know as a result from a lack of research  
  • Lack of ability – you are not capable of doing the process whether due to lack of skills or lack of equipment 

The following are the things you can do: 

  1. You need to know the correct equipment you need 
  1. Identify the nutrients that are needed by the plants to have the correct fertilizer 
  1. Use the three-part nutrients products  
  1. Avoid using additional additives the first time you plant using the method 
  1. Plan a schedule or scheme before you begin planting 
  1. Prepare the necessary tools, equipment, and fertilizer before you start planting  
  1. Try to minimize how the plants are exposed to light 
  1. Clean and sterilize the system  
  1. Use a digital timer  
  1. Make sure that you have an adequate supply of clean water 
  1. Identify the light requirement of the plants 
  1. Make sure that the visitor sin your garden follow the same rules when they enter 
  1. Install a filter or screen over the air intake ad exhaust 
  1. Avoid having pets inside the garden 
  1. Avoid visiting your garden after having to visit other gardens outside 
  1. Before you add another kind of plant into your garden, make sure they already have undergone a quarantine period 
  1. When it is the dark period of the plant, make sure that it is completely dark 

Root Health 

It is important to keep your roots healthy as they are the very medium of the nutrients that can be found in the water. If the roots are damaged, the plants will never be able to sustain themselves. Avoid this by preventing fungus, bacteria, and algae infesting the system 

Plant Food 

Avoid mixing different nutrients on your own as this might not be good for the plants. Instead, use the professional hydroponic nutrients product to ensure that your plants are provided with the proper nutrients. The same thing is true when adding some additives to your plants. You can try putting some additives small parts at once until you fully put some additives.  

It is very important that you follow carefully the instructions and use the proper equipment when you try to plant through this system. There is a need to practice discipline and put consistent effort to be successful.